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Scrollwork - insert, custom order only.

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Beautify your home with a European flair! There are made exactly to your specifications, please contact us with your requirements. Email

MATERIAL OPTIONS: (Please see notice below*)

PAINTABLE:  A paintable, unfinished option is available. We make them from a 1/2" thick, exterior wood product known as EXTIRA. They would cost the same as the 1/4" marine board product, but would need to be sanded, primed and painted by others.

NON-PAINTABLE*: (Not available at this time) We make them from 1/4" Marine Board (high density plastic), which makes them extremely durable and maintenance free! They hold up well in all climates. They are black and cannot be painted.  

We are temporarily unable to offer our Black, non-paintable, plastic, inserts. Due to disruptions in the supply of the raw materials, specifically plastic, we can't acquire the materials needed for our very popular ¼”, Black, non-paintable, plastic, shutters. We have completely depleted our stock and our suppliers have depleted their inventories, as well. After checking with our supplier, they informed us that when the material becomes available, we will face longer lead times and price increases.
We have plenty of ½”, unfinished, exterior wood product (EXTIRA) on hand. This a great exterior product, however, it is unfinished. You will need to sand, prime, and paint your item using the recommended primer and paint. Our shop is not set up for painting, so we do not normally offer painting services, under the current circumstances, we will offer painting services at an additional cost. We believe this product is an excellent choice and the end product will look beautiful.

The designs may vary slightly from size to size. 

CUSTOM ORDERS & DESIGNS AVAILABLE: We are now taking orders and can make a set to your exact specifications and style. Please contact us with your requirements. Email

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The designs vary slightly from size to size, but all have the same ratio.