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Hand-painted Coordinates Sign for Naples Pier or custom location - FREE SHIPPING!

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Naples Pier or Custom Coordinates Sign for YOUR favorite spot - FREE SHIPPING!

Handpainted sign with the coordinates of your favorite place. It could be your home, lake, beach, island, vacation spot.

SIZE: 5.5" x 46" x .75" thick

The one shown in the photo is for Naples Pier - a favorite spot to visit in Naples, Florida.

For a Personalized Coordinates Sign:
NAME: Simply give us the Place Name, example: "Seneca Lake" or the family's name example: "Johnson" 
ADDRESS: For the coordinates, I will need the address of the home or favorite spot, or you can give me the coordinates.
The Name will be in all CAPITAL LETTERS.
COLORS: WHITE background with BLACK letters, BLACK compass rose, (unless specified otherwise).
LIGHTLY DISTRESSED: The sign will be lightly distressed (unless specified otherwise) and finished with a clear furniture wax.

This is a custom sign and I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any special requests or questions, send me a message

Thank you!